Scaled Management Systems

Dust hazards

For analyses mineral ore samples must be crushed and then milled until 95% are less than 212 µ. (Less than one quarter of a millimetre). The milling task is performed using ‘Raymond’ hammer mills. To avoid contamination this mill must be cleaned with compressed air between samples.

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Welding fumes

In a shipyard workshop, the arc welding of steel was producing airborne contaminants as fumes and gasses. The reliance on natural dilution ventilation was considered inadequate for minimising the excessive amounts of fumes and gasses to which the welder was expose.

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Dust Extraction

During the manufacture of tea bags, dust was generated. This dust and the machine noise caused considerable discomfort to workers. The automatic packaging machinery also had many unguarded nip points on moving parts which had the potential to inflict serious hand injury.

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