Scaled Management Systems

Bacillus cereus toxin detection

Although traditional food borne disease detection & surveillance has provided a sound basis for improvements in food processing, changes in our food supply chain are creating new challenges. These include human behaviours & demographics, international travel, microbial adaptation, food processing methods & the centralisation of agriculture or food production.

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HACCP metal detection

The recent product recall by Unilever / Streets (Blue Ribbon ice cream) again highlights the challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers with the ‘Holy Trinity’ of food safety, biological, chemical & physical contamination.

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Nature vs Nurture – Part 3a

Are we too clever for our own good?

We continue the theme developed in part 2 and in subsequent articles we’ll discuss a wide range of issues related to population growth and the consumption of resources at an unlimited rate.

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Safety Alert – Faulty Grinding Discs

On the 13/1/16, an employee at Ottoway Fabrications Whyalla facility reported a 125mm Flexovit grinding disc had started to show signs of damage in normal use, he changed the disc out and continued using another disc from the same box, again he noticed the new disc doing the same. The employee brought the 2 discs to

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Nature vs Nurture Part 1

Whilst we will successfully thrust and parry technology against nature to counter many of the challenges we face, our limiting factor is ultimately population. Our growth and expectation of quality of life is unsustainable.

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