Scaled Management Systems

Safety Alert – Faulty Grinding Discs

On the 13/1/16, an employee at Ottoway Fabrications Whyalla facility reported a 125mm Flexovit grinding disc had started to show signs of damage in normal use, he changed the disc out and continued using another disc from the same box, again he noticed the new disc doing the same. The employee

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Nature vs Nurture Part 1

Whilst we will successfully thrust and parry technology against nature to counter many of the challenges we face, our limiting factor is ultimately population. Our growth and expectation of quality of life is unsustainable.

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Part 9a – The Basis for a WHS Representative’s Role

The national model for work, health & safety (WHS) legislation requires that where elected WHS Representatives are involved in communication, consultation, participation between employers and employees, problem solving & promotion of WHS.

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