Scaled Management Systems

Nature vs Nurture Part 9

We have seen how the human population remains fixed in between a ‘rock and a hard place’ trying to deal with the challenges brought by rapid population growth and yet as new technologies are introduced to deal with those issues the

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Nature vs Nurture Part 8

Australia, along with 5 other countries did not sign the Kyoto Protocol, instead, declaring a pact to share new clean technologies as they were developed. (Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate, which Canada joined in 2007.)

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Nature vs Nurture Part 7

Is the Solar Power Project in Moree, New South Wales an example of ill-counselled grand statements for publicity sake?

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Approved Supplier Programmes – Part 3

As we’ve observed in the food sector having confidence in the supply chain which provides your organisation with raw materials is critical.
The same concepts apply for many other industry sectors where critical control points exist in supply chains & organisations cannot afford failures.

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Driverless Car Safety

Google are designing & testing a pedestrian trap that is an adherent (‘sticky’) surface material placed on the bonnets of driverless cars.
This is designed to ‘capture’ a pedestrian who’s been hit by a vehicle and then prevent the person from rolling off into the path of other vehicles.

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