Scaled Management Systems

Loss prevention and risk management – Part 2

Part 2: Policy and written statement
The policy is a written summary of management’s dedication to the elimination of business exposures, loss prevention and progressive risk reduction.

Management’s intent must be consistently communicated throughout the business regarding the strategic control and elimination of the root causes for damage, harm, injury, illness, or loss.

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Loss prevention and risk management – Part 1

Part 1: Introduction

Management commitment is the foundation of a strategic plan targeting loss prevention and risk management.

Management has the responsibility of either manufacturing products and / or supplying services which generate profit.

If an organisation, its assets, infrastructure and / or personnel are negatively impacted by hazards then profits are rapidly eroded.

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The Right to Repair

Circular Weekly newsletter from GreenBiz We’ve all been there: the frustration of a cracked phone screen, malfunctioning USB port or flickering laptop display leaves us at the mercy of a chipper so-called genius. A seemingly minor hardware problem often forces the choice between a pricey, time-consuming repair or simply replacing the device entirely. This decision between replace and repair contributes to the 50 million metric tons of e-waste that will be generated this year, according to the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Forum. Only about 20 percent of it will be recycled. The rest is landfilled, burned or

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Auditing Improves WHS Performance

The client’s problem A metal manufacturing company identified that their health and safety management system’s effectiveness could be improved. There was a widely held belief throughout the company that WHS was a reactionary process controlled by the WHS Coordinator. Consequently, WHS initiatives proved difficult to implement. Organised, planned or systematic methods did not have the commitment of all employees and managers. Metal fabrication and manufacture is a hazardous industry associated with high risk levels, requiring logically planned controls to either eliminate hazards or significantly minimise risk. Solution The company’s executive management recognised the need to redevelop its approach to safety

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Incident Investigation Procedure

The client’s problem As there was not a consistent definition or interpretation on incidents & their investigation, a small civil construction company was having difficulty identifying the root causes of incidents. Solution In consultation with their employees, the existing procedure was redeveloped to provide managers and supervisors with concise guidance on the: Definition of an incident. Importance of data / information quality. Responses required at the time of an incident. Timelines needed for immediate and systemic improvements. Use of risk assessment to determine the depth and extent of an investigation. The procedure specified that all hazards, incidents without injury, injuries,

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Ancient grain, teff, enters the retail market.

Current interest in the nutritional value of ancient grains like quinoa and chia has been the driver of an increase in their consumption. Grain growers in the New South Wales Riverina recognised the popularity of ancient grains and aimed to diversify their crops by including an ancient grain called teff. Teff is a gluten-free whole grain with a higher fibre content than wheat and rice. It is the world’s smallest grain, and it originates from Ethiopia where its main use is in Injera bread. With assistance from the CSIRO, Outback Harvest changed its focus from growing traditional grains (barley, corn,

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