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Located in Lonsdale Adelaide, MyModular is a dynamic and proudly South Australian owned company that has carved a niche for itself as a leading innovator in modular and pre-fabricated electrical solutions. Established with a commitment to excellence and innovation, the company provides products for the following industries: commercial, health, infrastructure, defence, mining & modular buildings.

One of the key strengths at MyModular lies in its dedication to partnering with purpose to deliver high-quality products. The company places a premium on precision and reliability, ensuring that its solutions meet and exceed industry standards. This commitment to quality is reflected not only in the products themselves but also in the meticulous processes employed throughout the manufacturing and quality assurance stages.

Scaled Management Systems is proud to be associated with an organisation consistently supplying high quality products and services to the Australian market.

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Established in 1990, GARON Plastics is a family-owned injection moulding business that began operating in the backyard of Managing Director Garry Thompson’s house at Somerton Park.

Since those humble beginnings, as a full-service plastics moulder and supplier collaborating with clients through the entire product realisation process, GARON has successfully grown into a world leader of technically challenging and high precision plastic moulded products for the Australian and international markets. Client examples include RedArc, SEAPA, and B&R Enclosures. Now situated in Edwardstown, Garon employs over 30 people and operates 24 hours, six days a week.

GARON’s consistently high level of performance in the following areas is underpinned by 11 injection moulding machines ranging from 50 to 650 tonnes using the latest in robotic automation to make it one of the most efficient, state-of-the art factories in South Australia:

  • Adapting and improving existing tools, creating, and designing new tools for a variety of industries, to produce high-quality products.
  • The competence, experience, knowledge, and skills needed for developing clients’ concepts into world class products.
  • Warehouse systems supported by an exceptional understanding of supply chain coordination.

Scaled Management Systems is is proud to be associated with GARON who consistently supply high quality plastic products and injection moulding services to a wide range of Australian industry sectors.

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GARON’s Managing Director Garry Thompson established SEAPA in 1998 after recognising the South Australian oyster farmers of Coffin Bay lacked the physical tools needed to farm more efficiently.

GARON then developed a range of plastic moulded oyster farming products for SEAPA to service the oyster industry nationally. Within three years SEAPA was exporting GARON’s superbly moulded plastic farming equipment around the world.

SEAPA has grown into an internationally recognised leader in advanced shellfish farming technology in the past 25 years.

With operations in Europe, Japan, North Asia, and North America, more than two thirds of SEAPA’s business comes through exports.

SEAPA’S international success was recognised by Austrade in 2018 with its coveted Australian Exporter of the Year award.

In addition to selling and distributing products, SEAPA gives an international presence for all GARON’S clients. It offers services to help clients address the practical challenges of developing export markets through SEAPA’s network of international offices and warehouses.

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Established in 1986, Allstate Pest Control is a South Australian family-owned business, focussing on delivering quality tailored care to individuals, businesses, and construction companies, providing cutting edge professional advice and products to prevent future pest issues and treat any that occur.

Currently owned by Vasili Tsoutouras, President of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers’ Association (AEPMA) who along with the management team at Allstate Pest Control, all work tirelessly to instil quality values in the company and are officially licensed by SA’s Government Department of Health.

Pest control is such an imperative area for new and established homes and businesses which is too often neglected until disaster strikes. Allstate Pest Control take extreme care with their clients and have a range of solutions for every home and industry, including 24/7 emergency pest service, inspections, routine prevention and management programmes.

Allstate Pest Control ensure they stay up to date on compliance, due diligence, food safety, health compliance legislation and standards. Unfortunately, pests can ruin business efficiencies, reputations and / or certifications hence why Allstate Pest Control take great attention with commercial clients.

Allstate Pest Control offers unique advantages to its clients, including an online portal allowing 24/7 access for:

  • Reporting pest issues
  • Tracking the status of pest control
  • Viewing pest control service reports and risk management records and reports.

This company is SAI Global certified as a Quality Endorsed Company and their reputation as trusted professionals certainly shines through.

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Scaled Management Systems is proud to be partnered with a family owned and operated South Australian pest control business that combine work ethic with a strong commitment to technological investment and training of its personnel.

Four Leaf Milling

Established in 1968 Four Leaf Milling is a wholly owned South Australian family company concentrating on grain production and milling. Family members are all involved in this vertically integrated operation, which includes farming their 2,500 acres, operating their own mills, packaging and distributing their own product. The farming operations have a strong focus on the condition and health of the soil, knowing that soil quality directly influences the grain’s quality.

Four Leaf Farms is located in an environment with a uniquely balanced ecosystem, situated in a region of rich red brown earth in the hills and plains of the Tarlee district in South Australia. Herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fumigants have never been used and since the late 1980’s the company’s operations have been Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

Dedicated to their clients, consumers, employees, suppliers and stringent inspection requirements, Four Leaf use innovative engineering, processing and stone milling methods to guarantee that products of the highest quality are produced. Due to the method of processing, Four Leaf’s grains and cereals retain the health benefits and nutritional qualities gained from growing in healthy soils.

Four Leaf Milling is a company with the courage, diligence and willingness to engage in disciplined research and study to continually improve agricultural practices, apply innovative soil management methods and integrate quality assurance right through grain growing, harvesting, handling, milling, packaging and distribution. It is a testimony to the company’s directors who, during the 40 years of development, have been eagerly sought after for their knowledge, both internationally and nationally.

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Scaled Management Systems is proud to be associated with a unique South Australian company demonstrating the capacity to manage another of our most precious resources, the soil.

A wholly owned South Australian company, Water Data Services (WDS) were established in 1996 and specialise in environmental and hydrographical monitoring. Their work involves the placement of stations along various water courses, in dams, lakes, rivers and even the ocean.

Water quality measurements include chlorophyll levels, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, flow, velocity, pH, temperature and turbidity. Unique in their field, the combined skills of both directors allowed WDS to be the first Australian company to develop and install a water profiler, capable of collecting data on other variables such as solar radiation and wind direction / speed. Datasets from these measurements are then used for strategic management of the waterways while also providing a benchmark for evaluating the success of any environmental improvements. Of financial importance, the data can also assist with predicting the potential savings of reduced water storage maintenance costs. Other important projects have involved the design, development and installation of technology to monitor algal blooms in the Murray & Torrens Rivers.

The success of Water Data Services continues to be based on consistent, high quality professional and scientific skill. In many projects WDS have been able to design, develop & install equipment delivering consistently accurate data at costs cheaper than their competitors. Business is not restricted to South Australia and their services have been eagerly sought interstate, particularly on the Glenelg River in Victoria.

Scaled Management Systems assists Water Data Services to maintain their quality certification (AS/NZS ISO9001) and Work Health Safety management systems.

Scaled Management Systems is proud to be partnered with such a unique South Australian company monitoring our most precious resource: water.

A wholly owned South Australian company, Winery Engineering and Maintenance Services (WEMS) have been operating for over ten (10) years, specialising in the supply of high quality trade services to the beverage, dairy, food & wine sectors.

The company controls all stages of service from design, fabrication, installation through to maintenance. Due to the comprehensive level of integrated services provided by WEMS, clients remain in constant contact and receive personalised treatment on any project.

During controlled design phases a client’s specifications are converted into practical and realistic concepts using 3D parametric modelling ensuring visual representations of fit, form and function. The additional benefits of such an approach are:

  • Minimising errors
  • A rapid turn-around from concept to design
  • reduced number of project review meetings
  • Faster project delivery

Engineering & Fabrication
Through engineering analysis and specialised software linked with 3D modelling WEMS can provide the client with the following benefits:

Design verification

  • Mass and section properties
  • The development of 3D models from 2D drawings
  • Presentation images
  • Exporting, importing and file tra
  • nslation capacity

The flexibility and responsiveness achieved with WEMS’ methods means custom made, turnkey products and services can be delivered with confidence, consistency, precision and quality.

Due to the depth of experience and number of qualified staff WEMS have the capacity and flexibility to manage projects involving:

  • Installation
  • Relocation
  • Removal of equipment and infrastructure
  • While maintaining compliance with federal or state based WHS legislation

Scaled Management Systems is proud to be associated with an organisation consistently supplying high quality products and services to the South Australian beverage, food and wine sectors.

M & J Taddeo have been in the painting and decorating industry for over 40 years. Holding multiple Government contracts from Defence Housing to Housing SA, as well as private work within the individual and business sector, we pride ourselves on painting to the highest standard.

Our business has grown from a ‘one man band’ into a thriving industry professional with a team of over 30 employees and subcontractors. This flexible team allows us to staff up to demand and ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our qualified team of tradesmen are well practiced in heritage work, painting many stately homes and heritage listed buildings in the CBD. Conversely, painting government housing we understand the need for a high quality job to be completed in a cost effective, efficient and safe manner.

A wholly owned SA company PH8 are located at Warooka in the lower Yorke Peninsula of South Australia and were established in 2010 to produce bottled aquifer water.

As the site is situated in a natural & pristine environment prior to 2010 the water’s unique quality was known only to a limited number of people.

Since purchasing the site, PH8 have maintained the natural and pristine conditions, removing all livestock, eliminating herbicides and pesticides while rehabilitating the landscape with native flora and carefully developing the production facility which bottles the water.

The unique product and its relationship with a pristine environment is HACCP certified, supporting continued growth in interstate and international exports.

Working closely with their clients, distribution agents, employees and suppliers PH8 have created a special relationship which values the product’s integrity and quality throughout the whole supply chain.

Within South Australia the company supplies Foodland and IGA supermarkets, gymnasiums, health stores and a variety of other retail outlets.

PH8 is a company with the courage, determination and foresight to continually improve business and operating practices, applying quality assurance right through the process from landscape and water source management to distribution.

Scaled Management Systems is proud to be associated with a unique South Australian company demonstrating its capacity to manage the environment while producing a high quality product.