Scaled Management Systems

Human Resources

Common Training Delivery Problems of Novice Trainers

Results from a survey* of people considered experts in delivering training identified three major focuses: (1) Determine what trainers considered to be the most frequent training delivery problems they faced as novices (2) Determine how experts respond to these problems with solutions they have found to be effective (3) Present the findings in a useful manner for practitioners The

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The Traditional and Contemporary Learning Models

Traditional Learning: The Pedagogical Model

The pedagogical model is the one with which all of us have had the most experience. Teaching in our elementary schools, high schools, colleges, the military service, churches, and a variety of other institutions is largely pedagogically oriented.

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Andragogy Explained

Andragogy is the antonym of pedagogy. In pedagogy, the concern is with transmitting the content, while in andragogy, the concern is with facilitating the acquisition of the content. Andragogy is a theory developed by Knowles (1913-97) which differentiates the needs of adult learners from those of juveniles and uses the term andragogy to describe the

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Calibration methods & competencies

A Summary of Calibration Methods & Competencies In our last article we introduced readers to the importance of correctly identified calibration competencies for your employees. In this article we supply a summary of the main performance criteria. Description: The unit explains:- The ability to create or modify calibration procedures in response to the introduction of

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Return to Work management

Injury and return to work management is a coordinated and managed process intended to facilitate recovery and restore an injured worker to their pre-injury work capacity.

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