Scaled Management Systems

Risk Management

Loss prevention and risk management – Part 2

Part 2: Policy and written statement
The policy is a written summary of management’s dedication to the elimination of business exposures, loss prevention and progressive risk reduction.

Management’s intent must be consistently communicated throughout the business regarding the strategic control and elimination of the root causes for damage, harm, injury, illness, or loss.

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Loss prevention and risk management – Part 1

Part 1: Introduction

Management commitment is the foundation of a strategic plan targeting loss prevention and risk management.

Management has the responsibility of either manufacturing products and / or supplying services which generate profit.

If an organisation, its assets, infrastructure and / or personnel are negatively impacted by hazards then profits are rapidly eroded.

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Auditing Improves WHS Performance

The client’s problem A metal manufacturing company identified that their health and safety management system’s effectiveness could be improved. There was a widely held belief throughout the company that WHS was a reactionary process controlled by the WHS Coordinator. Consequently, WHS initiatives proved difficult to implement. Organised, planned or systematic methods did not have the

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Incident Investigation Procedure

The client’s problem As there was not a consistent definition or interpretation on incidents & their investigation, a small civil construction company was having difficulty identifying the root causes of incidents. Solution In consultation with their employees, the existing procedure was redeveloped to provide managers and supervisors with concise guidance on the: Definition of an

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) – Part 2

Demonstrating the company’s commitment to safety requires action and discussion which is led by management and yet involves employees at every step. Communicating with employees about safety commitment & compliance Allowing employees to make some decisions about their equipment, and ensuring it is as comfortable, familiar and personal as possible is preferable to cornering difficult

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Structured Programme Reduces Manual Handling Exposures and Injuries.

The client’s problem The high ratio of manual handling injuries amongst metal fabrication and welding employees was a major concern to workers and their employer. Neither employer nor workers had any systematic response to deal with their ergonomic and manual handling hazards. Solution The National Code of Practice for Managing Risk in the Workplace placed

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Hierarchy of controls

Hazard identification, risk assessment and the hierarchy of controls Hazard Risk Eliminate the Hazard If the hazard cannot be eliminated, then minimise the risk by: Substituting or redesigning the process Guarding or isolation Administrative controls Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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