Scaled Management Systems

Approved Supplier Programme – Part 2

Fundamental concepts – Part 2

There are several major categories that can be considered as useful checks for establishing an approved suppliers’ programme.

These categories can also become useful checks for internal operations where your organisation is a supplier.

Product &/or service development / innovation

  1. Evaluation & monitoring
  2. Raw Material Specifications
  3. Manufacturing & Service Specifications
  4. Product Specification & Labelling
Product &/or service development / innovation:
  • Irrespective of whether your company is certified to Australian or international standards there    are legal obligations regarding design of products & services.
  • These legal obligations must be identified and integrated into your design criteria & specifications.
  • This extends to the legal obligations of your suppliers.
  • In addition to equipment build / construction, are there any service specifications that need to be included in the design phases?
 Evaluation & monitoring:
  • Your clients may request you to occasionally submit evidence and responses to questionnaires that provide them     with a ‘picture’ of your organisation’s level of compliance and management maturity.
  • These questionnaires often include important areas such as the extent & type of insurance     protection and procedural documentation for employee training.

Therefore your organisation needs to:

  • Respond honestly to these questions; and
  • Progressively develop your management systems such that each improvement is seen, perceived & interpreted by the client from  one questionnaire to the next.
  • Adopt a similar approach with your suppliers.