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Food in Brief – Part 2

Seafood consumption is increasing world-wide. Almost all of the global growth in consumption is being met by aquaculture.

One of a number of large agribusiness projects planned to go ahead is the Sea Dragon Project, a $1.45-billion project proposed for Legune Station, on the border of the Northern Territory and Western Australia and sitting on the northern coastline.

WA Company ‘Seafarms Group’ is looking to develop a land-based prawn aquaculture project on the property which the Government says could employ 1,600 full-time staff.

Although there may be an increase in local employment, this will make little contribution to the manufacturing sector as like other large agribusinesses the greater percentage of raw food products are sent overseas.
Sea Dragon Project

Let’s hope that as these & other organisations develop, evolve and mature, investment is made in establishing diverse & vertically integrated operations.

An example follows:-
Vertical integration

Some content extracted from ‘Investment in Food Manufacturing Needed’
Food Australia Magazine (AIFST) December 2015 / January 2016
By John Hine