Scaled Management Systems

Approved Supplier Programmes – Part 3

Fundamental concepts – Part 3


As we’ve observed in the food sector having confidence in the supply chain which provides your organisation with raw materials is critical.

 The same concepts apply for many other industry sectors where critical control points exist in supply chains & organisations cannot afford failures.

 Raw Material Specifications:

 Consider those cases where a client’s specifications need equipment &/or materials and you can only source components from interstate or overseas suppliers.

    • How much control do you have?
    • What are the levels of quality?
    • Do you need rigorous specifications to ensure you do not have errors and upset your client?
    • Do you have high quality records for traceability?
    • What sort of relationship do you have with your raw material suppliers?

How much effort, finance & time are you investing in quality inspections & are there better    alternatives?

  • How much of the quality control checking are you sharing with your suppliers?
  • Do you and your suppliers of raw materials understand each other’s needs and requirements?
  • Have we completed checks against legislative requirements to ensure they are achieved & the    organisation is compliant?