Scaled Management Systems

Approved Supplier Programmes

Fundamental concepts – Part 1

 In an increasingly complex relationship clients are demanding more from their suppliers and it often feels as though your organisation is the ‘meat in the sandwich’.

The recent scandals in European food supply chains are a good example.

So how do you stay on top of these supply chain pressures?

Some important concepts to remember include suppliers being one of many in a long supply chain and a mistake by one of your suppliers can cost you losses in:

  1. Client reputation & satisfaction
  2. Money
  3. Time

Therefore it’s as important for you to be clearly specifying your requirements, developing sound relationships with and investing time in your suppliers.

 Our next set of articles will provide brief guidelines to assist you with understanding what can be done to formalise your system and minimise the risks associated with client & supplier relationships. 

 For example identify what:-

  1. Your clients will be looking for in supplier compliance
  2. You can do to improve relationships with your suppliers