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Nature vs Nurture – Part 7

Maximising the capture & storage of energy remains the challenge.

In an effort to reduce expensive capital and continued investment in the maintenance of energy grids, research and development continues in the area of energy storage solutions all around the world.

Solar Choice – New Technologies

On the Australian front, there is encouraging news for home owners. SA Power Networks wants to recruit 100 homeowners in Salisbury, the Northern suburbs of Adelaide, for a subsidised trial involving home power storage batteries.

For some homes:-
“Eligible customers will need to use a minimum of 4,000 kilowatt (kW) hours of annual grid electricity — or 2500KWh a year on solar panels — and be connected to one of the powerlines being targeted in the trial.” They are looking at whether solar batteries will help avoid investment in the network infrastructure and thus help contain long-term cost for consumers.

Subsidised power storage batteries in Adelaide