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Work Health & Safety

Personal protective equipment (PPE) – Part 2

Demonstrating the company’s commitment to safety requires action and discussion which is led by management and yet involves employees at every step. Communicating with employees about safety commitment & compliance Allowing employees to make some decisions about their equipment, and ensuring it is as comfortable, familiar and personal as possible is preferable to cornering difficult

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) – Part 1

Achieving compliance is a major obstacle for employees using PPE. Whether the PPE is supplied simply to achieve legal compliance or is being genuinely provided as the last resort within the hierarchy of control, safety practitioners always struggle with encouraging compliance. Resistance occurs for many reasons and there are many practical ways to approach the

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Safety Alert – Faulty Grinding Discs

On the 13/1/16, an employee at Ottoway Fabrications Whyalla facility reported a 125mm Flexovit grinding disc had started to show signs of damage in normal use, he changed the disc out and continued using another disc from the same box, again he noticed the new disc doing the same. The employee brought the 2 discs to

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