Scaled Management Systems

Safety Alert – Faulty Grinding Discs

On the 13/1/16, an employee at Ottoway Fabrications Whyalla facility reported a 125mm Flexovit grinding

disc had started to show signs of damage in normal use, he changed the disc out and continued

using another disc from the same box, again he noticed the new disc doing the same.

The employee brought the 2 discs to the HSE Department along with the box that the discs were sourced

from.  The discs showed clear indication that the mounting holes were off centre. Upon inspecting the box,

similar discs were found throughout to have the off centre mounting holes.

A stop work was called and all workers were informed of the problem and encouraged to inspect all discs

in their possession before recommencing work.

Actions moving forward:

 All employees to inspect grinding discs prior to use and report all faults/defects to the Supervisor or

HSE Department immediately.

The supplier was notified of the defects and requested to investigate the issues.

Thank you to the team at Ottoway Fabrications for the Safety Alert.