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Occasionally we come across organisations that proudly show us their certificates for achieving recognition after having been audited against Australian / New Zealand or International standards only to discover that the certificate is not genuine.

There are traps for the unwary and it is very much a case of ‘buyer beware’!

This article aims to highlight how you can verify the credibility of a company claiming to supply certification services or issuing certificates as part of their standard services.


Conformity Assessment Body: – (CAB)
An organisation required to demonstrate (authentication) their competence, credibility and independence before they can undertake and provide auditing &/or inspection services.

A process involving impartial, independent third party assessment of an organisation’s processes, products, services &/or systems.

Key Points

  • Check and confirm that the company supplying certificates are an authorised CAB registered to do so by one of the many global accreditation schemes or systems.
  • Don’t hand over any money or sign a contract until you have verified the details.
  • After having confirmed that the supplier is registered and authorised, double check the fine detail to ensure the supplier’s costs and services meet your budget, service expectations and technical specifications.
  • Consultants providing business services are prohibited from issuing certificates to companies for AS/NZS ISO certification.
  • CAB’s are prohibited from providing consultancy services. The easiest way of completing checks is to review the websites of the various accreditation schemes or  systems.
  • If you still have any doubts then contact the accreditation scheme directly.

As an example here are links to the Joint Accreditation System Australia New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) register & website –