Scaled Management Systems

Kevin Stretton

Loss prevention and risk management – Part 1

Part 1: Introduction

Management commitment is the foundation of a strategic plan targeting loss prevention and risk management.

Management has the responsibility of either manufacturing products and / or supplying services which generate profit.

If an organisation, its assets, infrastructure and / or personnel are negatively impacted by hazards then profits are rapidly eroded.

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Nature vs Nurture Part 9

We have seen how the human population remains fixed in between a ‘rock and a hard place’ trying to deal with the challenges brought by rapid population growth and yet as new technologies are introduced to deal with those issues the

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Nature vs Nurture Part 8

Australia, along with 5 other countries did not sign the Kyoto Protocol, instead, declaring a pact to share new clean technologies as they were developed. (Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate, which Canada joined in 2007.)

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HACCP metal detection

The recent product recall by Unilever / Streets (Blue Ribbon ice cream) again highlights the challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers with the ‘Holy Trinity’ of food safety, biological, chemical & physical contamination.

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NSW Food Regulation 2015

The NSW Food Regulation 2015 was gazetted on October 16th 2015 and the NSW Food Authority has been promoting awareness of the changes.

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Battery technologies

The pro and con debate centred on sustainable energy systems continues in boardrooms, coffee lounges and the family home.

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Nature vs Nurture – Part 3b

Are we too clever for our own good?

We continue the themes developed and related to water management, population growth and the consumption of resources at an unlimited rate.

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Safety Alert – Faulty Grinding Discs

On the 13/1/16, an employee at Ottoway Fabrications Whyalla facility reported a 125mm Flexovit grinding disc had started to show signs of damage in normal use, he changed the disc out and continued using another disc from the same box, again he noticed the new disc doing the same. The employee brought the 2 discs to

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