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NSW Food Regulation 2015

NSW Food Regulation 2015

The NSW Food Regulation 2015 was gazetted on October 16th 2015 and the NSW Food Authority has been promoting awareness of the changes.

Major changes to the legislation include the licensing of specific businesses within industry sectors.

  • Dairy farms, collection contractors, processors & vendors
  • Egg industry & / or processors
  • Food catering & services to aged care facilities &/or hospitals
  • Processing or the storage of:
    • High priority plant products
    • Meats
    • Ready to eat (RTE) meals
    • Seafood and shell fish

The Authority is using two (2) auditing protocols to monitor industry compliance with the legislation and food standards:

  1. New licensees
  2. Or existing low-risk licensed businesses applying for a high-risk license where RTE meals are to be produced.

Once companies have demonstrated prolonged compliance they may be permitted to move to a further audit classification.

Audit frequency is determined by the risk classification and the results of audits.

We include some links for further review.

Guidance on audits