Scaled Management Systems

ISO9001 2015 Update – Part 8

In our last newsletter and update we described the common and broad elements which will progressively appear in the ISO standards.

This newsletter provides additional information on the planned ISO9001:2015 changes.
Key themes:-

  • Integration of 10 common elements across all ISO standards and thereby facilitating integration of business operations
  • Identical numbering for all clauses across the ISO standards
  • Increased focus on risk and risk management
Clause 10: Improvement 10.1 – Nonconformity and corrective action (note – the term ‘preventative action’ has been deleted)
10.2 – Continual Improvement (this title may change)

What are some of the major and new changes in terms & definitions?

  • Context of the organisation (external & internal relationships)
  • Documented information (all inclusive definition for data, policies, procedures & records)
  • Evidence based (factual decision making)
  • Engagement of personnel / people (previously consultation / involvement)
  • Goods and services (previously known as ‘Products’ & ‘Services’)
    •    These terms are still in dispute at the ISO committee level and may / may not change
  • Improvement (compared with ‘Continual Improvement’)
    • These terms are still in dispute at the ISO committee level and may / may not change
  • Interested party (previously known as ‘stakeholder’)
  • Knowledge (being a representation of a company’s total intellectual capacity)
  • Organisational context
  • Process approach (being retained but emphasised more)
  • Relationship management (Mutual relationships with suppliers and others)
  • Risk (in all operational facets that may impact the company’s capacity to deliver quality goods & services)

Additional explanations for each of the sub-clauses will be supplied in subsequent newsletters and website updates