Scaled Management Systems

Smart Phone App


In conjunction with a digital organisation Meat & Livestock Australia have recently developed & released a smartphone application allowing customers to obtain details on the purchase, preparation and cooking of red meats.

This includes:-

  • Cuts of meat
  • Preparation based on thickness and desired flavor or tenderness
  • Cooking times 


Recent research by the Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) have demonstrated that the traditional use of grape wine marc as a feed stock for dairy cows has multiple benefits.

Cows fed with winery marc increased fatty acid content and milk production by 5% along with decreased methane output of 20%

The benefit to the wine industry is a relatively easy way of disposing of their waste.

Traditionally farmers in wine regions have fed cattle & dairy herds with grape wine marc, the waste seeds, skins & stalks, but there’s a limit to the use of such feed supplements.

Checks on the sources & integrity of grape marc are a necessity to ensure that residues are not being transferred to the meat or milk.