Scaled Management Systems

Local extraction

Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system for surface grinding machine in a light engineering workshop


A tool grinder is used as part of manufacturing gears, cogs, tools and other components. The tool grinder has a 150 mm diameter grinding wheel (blade), which operates in an anti-clockwise motion. During operation, the grinder created a considerable amount of fine metal particles which combine with dust fragments (from the grinding wheel) to create an airborne hazard potentially causing eye injuries or long term respiratory problems. An additional hazard is the rotating surface of the grinding wheel.


Engineering staff and the workshop supervisor were able to design a machine guard which incorporated a local exhaust ventilation system.  The guard, which was manufactured on site, extracts and captures the dust and small metal particles generated by the grinding process. Particles are then exhausted to a central collection point. The capture hood / guard is connected to the main fixed ducting system by a length of 75 mm diameter flexible duct. The new capture hood / guard allows easy access for maintenance or replacement of the grinding wheel.

Hierarchy of Controls:



  • An airborne contaminant control system has been designed and manufactured using “in-house” skill.
  • The device controls the airborne contaminant at its point of generation and guards the employee from contact with the rotating grinding wheel.