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Bird Friendly Wind Turbines

Though there is debate as to the number of bird injuries and deaths due to the presence of wind turbines, there is no doubt it is in the hundreds of thousands each year. Turbine farm operators are ordered to document and report any bird fatalities or evidence thereof to assist in the monitoring of the impact in-situ. We now know the height of the turbines and location is relevant to the species at risk, for example raptors and migratory birds.

Wind Farms – Bird Death Toll

Raymond Green has developed a bird friendly turbine design ( Additionally, the design funnels the wind in a way which generates more energy.
Full planning permission for the Hywind floating wind farm, to be located near Buchan Deep, Scotland was given on July 16, 2015. Norway’s Statoil has approval to put in place five, 6 mW floating turbines which are anchored to cables but do not have a fixed location on the sea floor allowing them to operate in waters in excess of 100m.

The aim is to demonstrate the plant of multiple floating turbines in a region that has optimum wind conditions to be a low risk and cost effective solution suitable for commercial scale application.

Hywind – Offshore Renewable Power Production