Scaled Management Systems


The Right to Repair

Circular Weekly newsletter from GreenBiz We’ve all been there: the frustration of a cracked phone screen, malfunctioning USB port or flickering laptop display leaves us at the mercy of a chipper so-called genius. A seemingly minor hardware problem often forces the choice between a pricey, time-consuming repair or simply replacing the device entirely. This decision

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Nature vs Nurture Part 9

We have seen how the human population remains fixed in between a ‘rock and a hard place’ trying to deal with the challenges brought by rapid population growth and yet as new technologies are introduced to deal with those issues the

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Nature vs Nurture Part 8

Australia, along with 5 other countries did not sign the Kyoto Protocol, instead, declaring a pact to share new clean technologies as they were developed. (Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate, which Canada joined in 2007.)

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Nature vs Nurture – Part 7

Maximising the capture & storage of energy remains the challenge.
In an effort to reduce expensive capital and continued investment in the maintenance of energy grids, research and development continues in the area of energy storage solutions all around the world.

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Nature vs Nurture – Part 6

With any example of investment in cutting edge technology it is important to maximise, measure and report to the public on the effectiveness of this investment. Presenting this information in a format the community can readily understand will maximise the uptake of renewable technologies.

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Nature vs Nurture – Part 5

Genetically modified cotton has led to a huge decrease in pesticide application and more efficient production. GM crops can be engineered to target fertilizer and herbicide reduction and allow greater yields in difficult conditions – water and salt tolerance, and disease resistance. The result will likely be increased population, consumption and pollution.

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Nature vs Nurture – Part 4

The use of selective breeding about 10,000 years ago was the precursor for changes in the way human populations developed and continued to spread across the globe. Although slow and occasionally subject to failure the incremental changes brought about in animal and plant genetics meant that populations could at least have some control over their food sources.

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Battery technologies

The pro and con debate centred on sustainable energy systems continues in boardrooms, coffee lounges and the family home.

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Nature vs Nurture – Part 3b

Are we too clever for our own good?

We continue the themes developed and related to water management, population growth and the consumption of resources at an unlimited rate.

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