Scaled Management Systems

Calibration methods and competencies

The control and management of measuring and monitoring equipment is an important and serious aspect of food & beverage manufacturing with potential impact on the environment, food safety & quality.

So before delegating calibration authority to an employee how do you check they have the correct competencies for the job?

To ensure consistency among employees being trained in the same procedures, the use of defined competencies becomes a necessity.

Common to all of the national training packages there are two (2) major sections within the performance criteria:

  1. Broad task elements.
  2. Specific competencies.

The following summary outlines the elements & competencies found in the National Training Service (Industry Skills Council) ( for the unit called, ‘Create or modify calibration procedures’ – MSL905002A (

Scroll down to the base of the webpage where you’ll find a download link.

There are 4 other units that deal with calibration equipment.

In the next article we’ll provide a summary of the key points.