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Food & Beverage


It has been known for a long time that cranberries have multiple health benefits and the North American Indians used the fruit and plant for a wide range of food and medicinal purposes.

Recent research at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA, has focused on isolating, extracting and concentrating the components of the berry. The objective was to determine if the extract could be used as effectively as the original juice.

Although all of the results are not entirely understood, indications are that virulent E.coli can be controlled by inhibiting their ability to develop biofilms.

For beverage manufacturers this may offer a new opportunity in the health segment of the beverage market.

Sugar & Cane Juice

Since 2005 Resis Australia has been developing and improving the processing of sugar cane juice.

Their objectives have been:-

  1. Add value to the waste streams produced by sugar mills.
  2. Retain the natural components of the sugar cane & juice.
  3. Satisfy a market demand for healthy and unrefined foods.

Consequently the juice acts as a sweetener with the nutritional benefits of other fruits.

Other benefits are:
• Consumer perceptions
• Well suited to beverage formulations
• Does not impair colour, higher flavor profiles & sensory perceptions

Investment in research has paid dividends for this Australian company and is a practical demonstration of the innovation needed to keep the Australian food sector internationally competitive.