Scaled Management Systems

Guarding a shell core moulding machine

Steel mesh enclosure to guard the operator form the dangers of a shell core moulding machine


Foundry industry processes often involve many hazards of a serious nature. The manufacture of cores from resin coated sand is one such process. In operating a shell core blowing machine the following hazards were identified:

  • Trapping points in the closure of the mould dies and the sand hopper.
  • Impact from the moulding head as it rotates (oscillates).
  • Burns from the hot mould dies.


After investigating these problems, one company designed a steel mesh enclosure to completely surround the machine and ensure the safety of operators and other persons. The gate of the guard is placed on rollers for ease of movement and is electrically interlocked to the operation of the machine. The mesh panels are obliquely fixed in position inside the fence and on the inside of the sliding gate to prevent persons from standing within the outer fence when the gate is closed.

Hierarchy of Controls:



  • Provision of simple durable mesh guards protect operators and other persons from any contact with the machine’s entrapment zones.