Scaled Management Systems

Guarding of a drop action pendulum and draw saw


In the wood-working industry there are many older machines that have inadequate guarding arrangements. Often machines are received from sellers with guards that do not comply with the current guarding regulations and it is left to the new owner to ensure the machine is safe to use.


In this example the machine is a pendulum and draw saw with drop action (nip saw). New guarding arrangements were designed and implemented by the owner in constructing a self-adjusting fixed guard.

Steel mesh was fixed to the exposed side of the existing saw guard and plates of sheet metal were placed over openings on the existing guard. The plating is fixed to the guard and automatically self-adjusts to cover the dangerous parts of the saw during operation.

Consideration was first given to steel plate on both sides of the guard. However, vibration within the guard resulted in excessive noise levels. The mesh which conforms to anthropometric standards with openings of less than 10 mm square, proved to be more suitable both as a guarding material and was more efficient in reducing noise levels.

Hierarchy of Controls:



  • A saw guarded to statutory requirements and providing maximum protection for the operator.