Scaled Management Systems

Guarding of nip-points


Nip and entrapment points are a frequent cause of injury to operators of machines where rotating gear wheels or rollers are used. Fingers, clothing, hair etc. can become entangled on a roller or wheel drawing the employee into the machine. A severe crushing injury may result.


Dough is fed from the top of the machine, down between two power driven rollers which flatten the material. The rolled dough is collected from beneath the rollers. The problem of exposure to nip points was minimised by the addition of fixed guarding.

Two rotating cylindrical bars were fitted above the trapping point. They are spaced so that the dough can be fed through to the rollers while at the same time preventing access. The bars were chrome plated for easier cleaning maintaining food safety standards.

The rollers were covered by a fixed sheet of stainless steel.


Hierarchy of Controls:



  • Workers are protected from dangerous parts of the machine and potential injury.
  • The guard allows for maintenance work to be carried out while the machine is still fixed in position.
  • The solution was cheap as well as effective with all costs, labour and materials being under $150.00.