Scaled Management Systems

Packaging Part 1

Where is the boundary between food protection and packaging waste?

We all have vivid memories of the times when we tried to open containers or packets of food frustratingly wrapped in excessive, hard to remove packaging.

How much of the packaging protects the food and how much is just waste?

Well some consumers have started to demonstrate their purchasing power and in other cases consumer and medical groups have formed alliances to actively work with manufacturers to label ‘environmental & packaging-friendly’ products.

As a greater percentage of the Australian population matures the focus on ease of opening and use will increase.

In New Zealand a consumer consortium named ‘Unpack-it’ have, over several years, developed a competition to identify the best and worst performing organisations. These organisations were then given public awards.

Are you listening to your consumers, researching innovative technologies and acting on the consumer’s wishes for?
» Ease of use and opening.
» Environmentally sound packaging.

We’ve included some website links for your interest.

Arthritis Foundation

‘Unpack-it’, New Zealand