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Plastics to Liquid Fuel

In 1999, in India, Alka Zadgaonkar developed a way to convert plastic waste material into liquid hydrocarbons.

Though pyrolysis is not new, only recent advances in technology have made it scalable, affordable and profitable.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Michael Murray of Cynar decided to try to commercialize pyrolysis. Cynar has now mastered the process of pyrolysis of plastics, from which the condensed vapour can be refined into usable petrochemicals.

20 million dollars and 11 years later, it is Michael Murray’s hope to bring this technology to developing nations with huge landfills and large energy deficits.

Plastic Energy is building a sister to the Almeria, Spain plant in Seville in 2015.

“I watch this crap going in, smelly, stinky stuff, and get out usable fuel,” says Michael.

The minds behind the new energy revolution 

Alka Zadgaonkar