Scaled Management Systems

Dust Extraction

Confining and extracting dust reduces airborne contaminants while reducing noise and machinery risks.


During the manufacture of tea bags, dust was generated. This dust and the machine noise caused considerable discomfort to workers. The automatic packaging machinery also had many unguarded nip points on moving parts which had the potential to inflict serious hand injury.

Guarding is required by law, however individual guarding for each area was considered impracticable.


After consulting with employees, the company concluded that confining and extracting the dust from inside the machine was the most efficient method of solving the dust problem. Over a weekend close-down, the maintenance team installed an efficient dust extraction unit including three hoods with sufficient capture velocity. These hoods were strategically placed to extract the dust.

The moving parts of the machinery & entrapment zones were enclosed by a fixed polycarbonate guard. The transparent guard allowed the operators to view the machinery while it was working.

The guarding also helped to minimise the noise of each machine.

Hierarchy of Controls:



  • The solution is s long term, cost effective, efficient and robust system which is multi-functional i.e. providing dust control, guarding and noise reduction.
  • Easily fitted and adaptable to many varied situations, it has a direct and positive effect on the improvement of employees’ work conditions and consequently moral.