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Breaking the driving habit

Breaking the driving habit – can it be achieved?

 Australians are being encouraged to reduce their dependence on cars and opt for alternative methods of transport as part of a $6.5 million Federal Government initiative.

Over the next five years (2007 – 2012) the transport habits of 186,000 households will be the subject of an extensive survey. Public transport, walking, cycling and car-pooling will be assessed and promoted.

The project will focus on suburban areas where a range of transport options are available. These areas offer the greatest potential for reducing a dependence on cars.

The transport sector accounts for around 76 million tonnes or 14 per cent of Australia’s total net greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of the project is to cut nearly four billion kilometres travelled by car, and to reduce one million tonnes of exhaust gasses.

Meanwhile, TravelSmart Australia, a joint initiative of state and federal governments, will be lobbying local governments in Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide to examine travel demand management options in a series of seminars throughout September.

Project partner Target households Reduction in km travelled CO2-e cut (tonnes)
ACT 11,000 232 million 74,000
Queensland 97,600 2.25 billion 719,200
South Australia 23,300 336 million 107,100
Victoria 54,700 1 billion 332,200
Total 186,600 3.8 billion 1.2 million

More than1.2 million tonnes of CO2-e will be cut between 2008-2012