Scaled Management Systems

Fixed guarding for a hydraulic power press / shearer


An aluminium materials supplier was concerned with a trapping hazard created by the opening and closing of the side set on a hydraulic power press.


The press acted as a vice so that the machine could cut the aluminium extrusions to length without distorting the material. The company installed a simple fixed guard over the moving parts. The guard is made of mesh with openings 100 mm high x 300 mm long over which Perspex plates are fixed. These plates are interchangeable and have holes profiled to suit the outline of the material being processed. The distance from the openings to the trapping space is such that no part of the body can penetrate the trapping space.

Hierarchy of Controls:

Engineering and administration


  • The guard is convenient, allowing access for maintenance whilst protecting the operator form injury.
  • It is a cost efficient, long term solution which maximises employee protection.
  • Improved isolation, lock & tag-out procedures for the maintenance team.