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Recycling and newspapers

Recycling and newspapers

Cellulose wood fibres sourced from softwood plantations are the base for newspaper manufacturing in Australia. Importantly, all newsprint and newspapers in Australia are manufactured from waste wood fibre.

Forest industry waste

  • Sawmill chips and offcuts are collected and used for newsprint.

Recovered paper

  • Collected from recycling centres and the consumer waste stream.

Recovered paper is recycled into newspapers and cardboard or exported to Asia where there are no softwood plantations.

Greater than 75% of Australia’s newsprint is recovered and recycled which is the highest in the world.

All newsprint supplies in Australia are certified for the Chain of Custody and the fibre is sourced from either certified or controlled sources.

In Australia the major supplier of newsprint is Norse Skog which has a target of reducing its CO2 emissions by 25% before 2020. Since 1999 the company has also reduced its emissions per tonne of production by 25%.

Using lighter weight paper means that less energy and fibre is used or wasted and transport efficiencies are improved.