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Award winning package makes return journey

CHEP Asia-Pacific took the Environmental Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Award last year for its returnable packaging developed to carry GM Holden’s HFV6 engine.

The award from the Logistics Association of Australia recognised the wide-reaching environmental and economic benefits of using returnable plastic containers.

In working closely with Holden, the objective was to develop a packaging solution that not only met the project’s environmental and operational objectives, but also added value at every step in the supply chain. Returnable plastic containers are an environmentally sustainable and economically attractive solution for a broad range of logistics applications.

The new packaging was designed to remove up to 3,575 tonnes of cardboard and waste from the supply chain each year, while nesting of empty packs reduces reverse logistics transport costs. It can also be fully re-ground and used to make new packs.

CHEP operates in 42 countries and currently has over 218 million pallets and 47 million returnable plastic containers in circulation.