Scaled Management Systems

Innovative perimeter guardrail system


Falls or falling objects are linked to approximately 49% of construction site fatalities and are often caused by a lack of simple guardrails around unprotected perimeters.


A large construction company recognised the hazards inherent in their work systems.

The Site Engineer and the Health and Safety Representative began work at the design stage to design and engineer a system that would safeguard all perimeters and penetrations before work commenced on each level.

The guardrail lifts into a special steel boot which is welded onto the perimeter steel beams prior to the beams being hoisted into position on the building.

A steel mesh panel clips onto the rail prior to the placement of precast concrete walls to further prevent objects falling from the building during the construction stage. The mesh panels are not unique, but their incorporation indicates the total commitment to address as many hazards as possible associated with working near perimeters. When no longer required, the guardrail sections are removed from the sacrificial boots and fitted to a new perimeter steel beam before it is hoisted into place on a higher floor.

Hierarchy of Controls:

Engineering and administration


  • The guardrail system offers protection from falls from the time the beam is raised off the ground until the exterior walls are completed.
  • The removable mesh panel leaves the guard rail in place while fixing pre-cast.
  • The system also provides considerable time savings and is fully adjustable for length.