Scaled Management Systems

Mechanical aid for easier lifting


All companies need to lift objects at some time. Raw materials are supplied in containers that need moving to work stations and it is necessary to move finished products from the work stations to a point for transportation from the factory site.

These containers are often of weights which, although may not exceed recommended limits, when manually lifted, can still result in injury e.g. through repetitive and improper lifting techniques, poor environmental factors etc.

One company needed to move rectangular timber containers (300 cm H, 300 cm W, 500 cm L) which weighted 55 kg. They found that injuries were occurring to the upper limbs and trunk as well as the thigh and knee of operators / workers.


To overcome the problems associated with the lifting of these containers a mechanical lifting device was introduced. An air operated hoist is now used to lift and manually manoeuvre the product to the required position. Controls on the device are used to activate an air operated arm which pushes the container from the device to the required position.

Hierarchy of Controls:



  • Since the introduction of the device, the company has experienced a decrease in back injuries.
  • Employees also find it much easier to place products.