Scaled Management Systems

Paper slitting machine effectively guarded


A paper slitting machine cuts paper and laminated film to width. The paper or film comes from a supply roll at the back of the machine through to the front. At the front and back of the machine there was a danger of workers being trapped or entangled in the nip points of the rotating rollers. Also, the rotating transmission shafts at the rear of the machine created a trapping hazard.


Workers were consulted on the design of a guard which would provide total safety and enable the machine to operate fully.

A guarding system was developed which is a mixture of fixed and interlocked electro-mechanical guarding. At the front of the machine a sliding counter-weighted polycarbonate screen has been built over the nip points of the rotating rollers. This guard can be raised, but when raised magnetically a low speed dial is engaged.

Access to the side and rear of the machine is prevented by fixed guarding. Access can be gained, but only with the use of a captive key system which isolates (turns off) the machine’s power when it is used. Transmission shafts are now properly guarded and at the front and rear of the machine emergency stop buttons are strategically placed to stop the machine should an incident occur.

Hierarchy of Controls:



  • Employee safety is much improved by this comprehensive guarding system.
  • The machine’s operation has not been affected by the guards.