Scaled Management Systems

Preventing nip points in a conveyor


One of the main hazards of conveying systems is their potential for creating trapping points. Access to these trapping points needs to be eliminated.

A company uses a block or slat conveyor on a tenoner. A nip point is created between blocks on the conveyor during travel. This results in a potential hazard at both the feed-in and feed-out ends.


The trapping points on the conveyor have been guarded with poly-carbon sheets. The top section has been covered with 6mm thick felt giving flexibility so that the dogs mounted on the conveyor can pass unimpeded. The felt also enables the conveyor to be used in both directions and by using a soft fabric like felt there is no risk of permanent damage to the conveyor.

Hierarchy of Controls:



  • Long term cost effective protection provided for the worker.
  • Reduces the risk of crushing or entanglement when taking objects off the conveyor.