Scaled Management Systems

Welding fumes

Magnetic attachment assists positioning of fume extraction systems during awkward welding processes


Welding steel surfaces in other than a horizontal position often creates problems when locating fume extraction systems. If local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is being used for vertical or inverted welding operations, the welder needs to hold the extraction system in place with the hand not being used for welding. If the welding task being performed requires the employee to hold the work piece, then the fume extraction system cannot be used. As a result, the employee can be exposed to welding fumes.


Fitting a magnet attachment to the capture hood of the extraction system enables the employee to place the fume extractor close to the source of the airborne contaminant. This solution can also be adapted to some non-ferrous welding situations by placing a steel backing disk on the opposite side of the plate to which the welding task is being performed.

Hierarchy of Controls:



  • Reduced exposure to welding fumes for employees.
  • A healthier workplace for welders and all other employees.