Scaled Management Systems

Consideration of safety factors when purchasing a new refiner


The refining process used by a confectionery manufacturer included cylinders that formed a nip point and constituted a trapping hazard. A further hazard existed for the operator as the previous refiner was fed by hand using the aid of a shovel. Contact with the build-up of material on the cylinder could cause injury to the operators.


When purchasing new machinery, consideration must be given to safety factors. It is more cost-effective to incorporate proper guarding when purchasing new machinery rather than implementing costly modifications at a later date. The confectionery manufacturer recognised the need to address the issue of safety when purchasing a new refiner and ensured an automatic loading conveyor was included along with other safety design features at the engineering stage.

Hierarchy of Controls:

Engineering & administration


  • With the reduction in heavy manual work, employee morale was raised and productivity was increased.