Scaled Management Systems

Enclosing the process


Some processes in industry are so complex that it is often easier to enclose the complete process rather than attempt to guard each of the hazard points.


One such process is metal roll-forming. In this process, cold roll-forming of sheet metal into metal colour bond roof decking is produced. The process involves a series of rollers and a guillotine at the packaging end of the machine.

A fixed wire cage has been designed to enclose the process to prevent the operator from being trapped in the rollers or receive cuts or abrasions from the cutting blades of the guillotine.

Part of the cage is on rollers to allow access to the process by sliding sections. Limit switches are used to interlock the sliding doors during operation of the machine.

Hierarchy of Controls:

Engineering & administration


  • A permanent method of protecting persons from the potential dangers of machinery and product lines.
  • Isolation, lock & tag-out methods were enhanced for maintenance operations.